about the artist | amanda yoon


I am a classically trained artist, with roots at the Brentwood Art Center in Los Angeles, CA, where I focused on mastering proportion and spatial relationally. It wasn’t until I took an advanced painting class at UCLA while pursuing my post-baccalaureate degree, did I begin my journey into abstract expressionism.

I am inspired by music: the sweeping melodies of Guns N’ Roses, the ethereal psychedelic moods of Pink Floyd, and the avant-garde oddities of David Bowie. 

I am inspired by feelings - the fleeting glimpse of nostalgia, the tang of youth driven angst, and the vibrant fervor of tomorrow.

I'm amanda, a bilaterally brained,

los angeles-based abstract artist and creative brand strategist.  

Drawn to the visual language of shapes, colors, form, and space,

I strive to emulate an emotional deluge of connection and feelings through visual concepts.